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This Boy is ready to go
Red Exotic Shorthair Kitten For Sale

Meet Butterfinger, our red boy. Red is such a fun color. He was one of the first kittens in the litter to open his eyes. The parents are Isabella and Micah.

DOB: 07/07/2023

Kittens Now Available

Evie and Micah available kitten one cream point boy and two Sealpoint girls.

Christmas kittens


Her mom is Sammy and her dad is Apollo.
She is $1500

Chocolate Patched Tabby Girl

Meet my little Mallory. She is the biggest of the litter and she loves to eat. Her dad is Micah and her mom is Truffles.
DOB: 09/14/2023

Red Chocolate Exotic Boy

Meet my boy Sparten. He is the only boy of the litter. He is gonna be the best big brother for his little sisters. His dad is Micah and his mom is Truffles..
DOB: 09/14/2023

Chocolate Exotic Girl

Meet my sweet Hersey. She reminds me of a chocolate candy bar. She is so so small. Her dad is Micah and her mom is Truffles.
DOB: 09/14/2023

Previous Kittens

My babies from the past.... all in good homes.

I breed for tempermant and colors. I breed flat faces and doll faces . Each kitten is held each day, and given lots of love. This is due to the fact of my grandchildren and family and of course me. I do not believe in caging my cats. They have the whole house to call their domain. They love the lap of someone the best, however they do love the porch and looking outsid

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