Exotic Longhair & Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale

My Queens

My Queens

This is Raya. She is a patched tabby and white. She lives at my daughter house with Sammy and Apollo.

This is Sammy. She is a bicolor red and white. She loves people.

Truffles is a Chocolate Tortie. She comes from Champion lines. She is such a lover.​

This is Isabella. She is a Chocolate Calico. Her favorite thing to do is to play with my grandchildren when they visit.

Meet Evie, she is a Brown Blotched Tabby and White Exotic Shorthair. She just loves to eat wet food and is always the first to eat.

Walkie is a Minuet. She has short legs. However she can climb trees and she is just as energetic as my other cats.

This is Ellie, she is a odd eye white short legged cat. She has the cutest personality.

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